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Inventory & Traceability in the Cooler Webinar Recordings

These webinar recordings focus on the unique challenges of inventory and traceability in cooler environments.  Learn how to increase operational efficiency while meeting traceability requirements.  

Watch this webinar to learn the value of having defined inventory locations for your racked product and floor stock and how directed activities for cold storage workers can significantly improve your productivity.

In this webinar we answer the question, ”How do you get the most out of your cooler operations?”. We touch on facility and people, and take a deeper dive into cooler process and how the RedLine Cooler automates processes to increase accuracy and productivity while reducing labor costs.

Learn about productivity gains and cost savings available through cooler automation. We will also explore how traceability requirements present both challenges and opportunities in the cooler.

Learn about how to achieve a near 100% order fulfillment accuracy, how to reduce manual data entry and related errors, and how to increase inventory control and visibility.  An automated cooler also increases worker productivity and accountability, and effectively manages new case & pallet level traceability requirements.


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