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Traceability in the Field Webinar Recordings

These webinar recordings focus on traceability in the field.  Learn about case labeling for field-packed items and how to manage traceability information from harvest to delivery at the cooler.

Are some of your field packed commodities being sold to Wal-Mart or other customers requiring PTI case traceability labeling? Are you able to meet those requirements today? PTI Labeling of Field packed commodities has unique challenges. Learn about what is expected and your options.

Learn about key factors to consider when implementing a traceability solution for field packed product. This includes how to approach different commodities, develop a training plan, a pilot period, and budget for your operational needs.

Learn about lot traceability for field packed items - what is required, how to plan for PTI compliance, and different PTI software options.

Learn about what is required for field-packed products to be PTI compliant, see a "Day in the Life" of a PTI compliant harvest operation, and benefit from lessons learned from our RedLine Field customers.   This webinar also reviews the important question of getting there from here: When and how should I get started?

Learn about what is required for field packed products to be PTI compliant, the key changes to PTI compliance in the field, and lessons learned from production deployments.


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