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Country of Origin Labels

RedLine Solutions is committed to food safety. We are also dedicated to helping our customers meet regulatory and customer compliance requirements. It is with these two things in mind that we offer customizable Country of Origin Labeling solutions.

Country of origin labeling of fresh produce, also known as COOL, was introduced by the 2002 Farm Bill. However, on September 30, 2008, it became mandatory for almost all fresh produce companies. If you're in the businesses, you've probably already begun thinking about how to best comply with this new law.

According to the new law, “any person engaged in the business of supplying a covered commodity to a retailer, whether directly or indirectly, must make available information to the buyer about the country(ies) of origin of the covered commodity.” Additionally, the entity responsible for placing COOL information on the label also must retain country of origin documentation for one full year.

Each of RedLine's individual solutions for the produce supply chain (Field, Packing and Cooler) integrate easily with existing accounting systems to help you both add country of origin information to your bar code labels and easily track this information in a central location. Our team of installation experts can work with your IT or production teams to make sound recommendations for labeling compliance.

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