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Traceability in the Packing Shed Webinar Recordings

These webinars focus on traceability for packing operations.  Learn how to meet case labeling requirements for high-speed, manual, value-added, and repack lines.  Other topics include automation options such as machine vision systems to make your packing operations more efficient.

Case traceability labeling is a new reality. Wal-Mart's case labeling program started in November and became a requirement January 1. Other retailers will follow; it is only a matter of time. 

Learn what the PTI requirements are, which retailers have adopted PTI, and how companies are meeting these requirements.

Learn how leading packers are meeting their case labeling requirements without adding significant labor costs.  See how automated case labeling can easily be integrated into a complete traceability system that meets the requirements of the PTI.

In this educational webinar, Dr. Jonathan Ludlow of Microscan gives an overview of the machine vision tools in AutoVISION 2.0 and follows with a brief demonstration of its abilities.

Learn about the challenges and solutions for lot traceability in the packing shed, inlcuidng best practices, export and customer specfic labeling needs, and how RedLine Packing manages lot traceability and case labeling in the packing shed.

Learn about the PTI, its milestones, and its best practices.  Review what is required for PTI compliance in the packing shed, why you want to be PTI compliant (What’s in it for me?), and the steps you need to take to become PTI compliant.

Learn about what is required for PTI compliance, how to automate your packing shed, and solutions for PTI compliance for shed-packed product.  Explore how using a vision system to identify carton contents of product on the packing line can optimize your operations.


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