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Produce Traceability For Dummies Book

Traceability – from Research to Readiness to Profits

Traceability is a crucial to the integrity of our food supply, and it's the law. The produce industry is leading the traceability movement by developing processes and best practices that enable traceability across the entire supply chain.  That way if there is a problem, the implicated product can be identified and removed from the market quickly without the need for commodity-wide recalls.

Produce Traceability For Dummies helps you examine the produce traceability movement including challenges, solutions and the regulatory environment and why it's important to you.

Get this book and you will: 

  • Discover produce traceability and the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)  -- what is required and how it works
  • Recognize the key elements of a traceability solution- including the software, hardware, and services
  • Identify your ideal traceability partner-discover which traceability solution best fit your business
  • Reduce the scope and cost of a recall  --managing the risk to your business
  • Using traceability data to save you money  -- while improving operational efficiencies 

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"Thanks for publishing Produce Traceability For Dummies, we found it so useful, we got one for everyone on our team"

–Lisa Rovegno, Vegiworks Produce Company







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