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PMA Fresh Summit 2013 Review

Fresh Summit in New Orleans last week did not disappoint.  For me, it started Wednesday at the PTI Leadership Council Meeting. The PTI progress made in the last six months has been incredible. The Wal-Mart & Sam’s club PTI adoption announcement in May has been a catalyst for the retail community and grower shippers alike.

I attended two Science and Technology Sessions. “Mining the Data” delivered practical insights into the how traceability info can provide actionable data. “FSMAnia Hysteria” debunked some of the myths and rumors surrounding the most sweeping changes to US Food Safety Regulation in over 70 years.

The show floor was lively on Saturday! Our booth was packed with people from all over the world stopping by to gain insight into the PTI and to learn about RedLine Solutions' unique position among traceability vendors.


RedLine Team at Fresh Summit

Fresh Summit 2013


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