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"Dude, where's my truck?"

by Chris Davis, December 12, 2011

An interesting example of PTI Return on Investment came up last week from one of our customers. This customer had deployed RedLine Field for PTI Compliance in their harvest operations. One recent morning I received a call from their harvest operations manager who said that one of their field trucks had been stolen the previous night.

Unfortunately, the mobile device they used to print PTI labels out in the field was in the truck at the time.

Fortunately, RedLine Field can track the locations of all customer devices. Using this functionality we were able to provide the a map of the truck’s travels from the night before, right up until the thieves removed the battery from the device. Based on our map, they found their truck within a couple blocks of the last known site on our map.


While most of the conversation around ROI for traceability involves food safety, the benefits of better visibility for field operations can show up anywhere.


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