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3 Keys to Success for Cooler Automation

Produce cooler automation is proving to be essential for produce growers, packers and shippers looking to reduce costs and improve traceability. This article identifies 3 keys to successful cooler automation.

Growth of Automated Cooler Management

Produce growers, packers and shippers feel mounting pressure to increase efficiencies and improve produce traceability. Increased competition, rising costs, consumer demands and government scrutiny are fueling this pressure.

This growing pressure has created the need to find more effective and productive ways to manage produce coolers.

A More Efficient Produce Cooler

An automated produce cooler management system can deliver measurable improvements and results. A well-designed barcode system allows product to be quickly and accurately tracked from the moment it arrives at the cooler through shipment to customers.

Barcode technologies have proven to be reliable and highly effective solutions.

Produce cooler automation must be approached strategically, however, to maximize both short and long-term success.

3 Keys to Cooler Automation Success

Here are 3 important keys for produce cooler automation success:

Key #1: Cooler Automation should be designed to include anyone who moves product. This is important because the system needs to have real-time visibility of inventory. This ensures mobile workers are always getting the right product to the right place at the right time. With automated product location and order fulfillment, things move fast. Everyone moving product must be able to update location changes and shipments in real-time to maximize productivity. 

Key #2: Partner with experienced produce cooler automation professionals. Because of the complexities involved in cooler automation, it’s important to work with experts who have successfully delivered results for similar companies in the produce industry.  An experienced firm can properly assess your operation, make intelligent technology/equipment recommendations and deliver a practical implementation plan.

Key #3:  Select technology and equipment that is best suited for your operation. Every cooler operation is different. Temperature, processes and physical environment vary. Selecting the appropriate technology and equipment can make or break long-term automation success.   Seek professional advice and choose carefully.


Automated cooler management helps produce growers, packers and shippers better control costs and improve traceability – important benefits today and into the future. The 3 keys outlined in this article will help make the cooler automation process an operational success.

You can learn more about successful produce cooler automation by visiting RedLine Solutions at RedLine Solutions delivers complete produce traceability systems for leading growers, packers and shippers across the U.S. and Canada.


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