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Walmart labeling requirements? Inaccurate shipments? MyProduce can help!

If you are a grower-shipper of fresh produce and need to avoid shipping errors, assure labeling compliance and increase productivity, even if you ship clean, then this webinar is for you. 

  • Stop inaccurate inventories 
  • Avoid shipping errors and lost product
  • Walmart labeling compliance
  • Connect with Quickbooks
  • Increase labor productivity is a web-based warehouse management system designed specifically for the fresh produce industry. It tracks all inventory movement, assures optimum stock rotation, provides traceability, enables shipping accuracy, and makes sure you comply with your customer labeling requirements. The system has comprehensive reporting that supports FSMA compliance, recalls and business insights. is also subscription based, so it fits most budgets.

The webinar's agenda is as follows:

  1. How can
    • Streamline your grower-shipper operation
    • Increase your efficiencies 
    • Drive higher productivity
    • Save you money
  2.'s operation within the following areas:
    • Receiving bulk and finished goods
    • Inventory locations
    • Packing
    • Labeling
    • Sales Orders and order fulfillment
    • Bill of Lading
  3. Operation with Quickbooks
  4. Cost options
    • Subscription options
    • Hardware options
  5. Getting started

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