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A Web-Based Inventory and Traceability Solution is a unique web-based inventory and traceability system that enables operational
efficiencies, manages packing, streamlines shipping processes and provides inventory visibility, all
with built-in traceability and instantaneous recall support. is designed to meet the
needs of grower-shippers of any size as it requires no in-house IT resources, and is subscription based. enables forward and backward traceability, with real-time inventory control and
visibility.'s Recall Prep feature ensures that companies can monitor best practices
at all times, as well as providing crucial information in the event a recall of product is warranted.'s central dashboard allows checks of product and order status in real time.
MyProduce receives and manages inventory, and directs workers to pull the right product for each
shipment. also enables sales order creation without the dependency on an expensive
grower-accounting system. Comprehensive reports can be filtered and exported on demand.

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Key Features

• Real-time inventory control and visibility
• Mobile-enabled inventory management
• Label printing for inventory and traceability
• Sales order management
• Directed staging and shipping
• Reports to track your business
• Interactive dashboard to analyze your business
• Recall preparation for rapid regulatory compliance

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