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RedLine Packing

Traceability in the Packing Shed

RedLine Packing™ is a complete inventory, traceability, and case labeling solution for packing operations. Capture and manage traceability information from the receipt of bulk product through packing. The system can run standalone, or integrate with your grower accounting system to automatically receive product. 


Case Studies

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A Complete Solution

  • Software to manage traceability and packing operations
  • Printers and applicators that won't slow down the line
  • Barcode scanning devices that track bins, cases, and pallets
  • GS1 validated case and hybrid pallet tag labels
  • Creates electronic reports from traceability information
  • Technology and produce expertise to pull it all together

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Key Features

  • Inventory and location management for bulk product
  • Flexibility to handle multiple types of pack lines
  • Source lot control and validation
  • Product identification using barcode or vision
  • In-line print and apply, on-demand, or batch printing
  • Accurately labels multiple products on the same line
  • Automatically receive product at the cooler
  • Fully PTI compliant—now and in the future

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