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Redefining Product Receipt

RedLine Receipt™ enables companies to quickly and accurately receive harvested bulk products and update inventory information in their grower accounting or inventory software. To facilitate rapid receipt, pre-printed tags are applied to each bin at the time of harvest. RedLine Receipt allows you to scan the bin tags and link them to a harvest receipt. This accurately ties the bin to a specific grower/ranch/commodity/block/lot combination for accounting and traceability. Every bin is then put away and its location recorded immediately in the grower accounting system. With RedLine Receipt you can receive and cool product faster while identifying its storage location in real-time. This provides better inventory visibility and lot control, and by reducing the time to get product in to be cooled, extends the shelf-life of your product. 

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Protects Your Produce

  • Gets your product out of the heat and into the cooler faster ; a known factor in extending shelf life

Speeds Up Product Receipt

  • Rapid receipt gets the truck out of receiving and back on the road quickly
  • Ties truck and harvest details to bin tags
  • Receive individual bins or multiple bins
  • Print bin tags from mobile devices whenever needed

Improve Data Management and Inventory Control

  • Updates the grower accounting system in real time
  • Links barcoded traceability information to the bin
  • Tracks and records each bin's location as it is put away or moved
  • Transfer bins between facilities
  • Audit trail shows entire history for every bin

Exceptional Value

  • Faster receipt to cooler extends the shelf like of your product
  • Cost saving of reduced receiving time and faster time to cool creates significant ROI
  • Saves manual data entry by office workers
  • Labor savings allows workers redeployed to more productive tasks

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