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How Do I Become PTI Compliant?

PTI compliance guidelines require that each member of the supply chain tracks every case of produce that they receive and/or ship.

In order to achieve standardized whole chain traceability, you must:

  • Apply a PTI label containing the GTIN, lot number, and PTI voice pick code
  • Apply hybrid pallet tags to outbound shipments
  • Track who receives what shipped product
  • Record source and pack lot information
  • Maintain electronic traceability records

Practical PTI Solutions

The key to fast, accurate whole chain traceability is automated electronic tracking and record keeping.  RedLine Solutions uses proven barcode technologies to deliver flexible traceability solutions for growerspackers and shippers.

We offer a complete line of practical whole chain traceability solutions to help you become PTI compliant.  Whether you need traceability in the field, in your packing operations, or in the cooler, RedLine has a solution for your needs.


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