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Learn about the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and how to best meet case labeling regulations with these webinars covering the PTI milestones, best practices, updates, and insights from industry experts.

Recorded on the 4th of Nov 2015 with Ed Treacy of the PMA, Dan vache of the United Fresh Produce Association and Todd Baggett of RedLine who discuss the latest news from the PTI leadership council in October 2015 and the PMA's fresh summit show in Atlanta

Watch How to improve your produce quality control process with Lotpath Quality systems. 

Watch this webinar to learn post-United Fresh Show and PTI Leadership Meeting updates. 

Are you thinking about purchasing a traceability system for your business? Not sure where to start and what to look for in a system? Join RedLine Solutions CEO and Author, Todd Baggett, for the final webinar in our Produce Traceability For Dummies ® series as he reviews how to buy a produce traceability system. 

Are you thinking about automating the traceability system in your business? Are you curious about the benefits that automated traceability can bring? Join RedLine Solutions CEO and Author of Produce Traceability For Dummies ®, Todd Baggett, as he explains how automated traceability can make your business more profitable.

Are you trying to understand what produce traceability is and how to fit it into your process? Do you need a clear definition of PTI and what it means to be compliant? Are you confused by some of the terms: GS1 Prefix? GTIN? Voice Pick Code? etc. Then this webinar is for you.

Traceability is a hot topic in the produce industry. In the last year we have seen a significant turn of events; commodities such as apples, peaches, plums, nectarines, and citrus have been hit hard by food safety recalls. Watch this webinar to learn what produce companies needs to know about traceability systems to support their Food Safety Programs.

Watch this webinar to learn what traceability the government will be requiring next, how to plan and implement a traceability system, how you will afford traceability, and how traceability can positively impact profits.

Watch this webinar to learn about the essential information on Produce Traceability including what's required, how it works, regulatory updates and what to look for in traceability systems.

Watch this webinar to learn all about EDI and ASN as well the latest requirements from Whole Foods and how PTI Lite can help you meet those requirements.

Join the WPVGA and RedLine to explore how this forward-thinking association and its members worked together to evaluate and select the technology solution to become PTI compliant.

Join PTI Technology Working Group Co-Chairs Dan Vaché and Todd Baggett as they discuss updates from this meeting and the road ahead for PTI in 2014.

Our newest version of PTI Lite incorporates two key advances that will drive efficiency and improve flexibility. Together, these changes will help your operation run more smoothly and provide better information to manage your business.

How efficiently you manage the packing, storage, and shipping your products has a significant effect on the profitability of your business. Today's produce companies can leverage technology to drive efficiencies while managing the harvest, packing and shipping of their products. Learn about the latest solutions. 

Are some of your field packed commodities being sold to Wal-Mart or other customers requiring PTI case traceability labeling? Are you able to meet those requirements today? PTI Labeling of Field packed commodities has unique challenges. Learn about what is expected and your options. 

Case traceability labeling is a new reality. Wal-Mart's case labeling program started in November and became a requirement January 1. Other retailers will follow; it is only a matter of time. 

Learn what the PTI requirements are, which retailers have adopted PTI, and how companies are meeting these requirements.

Learn about what is driving tablets in the workplace and what questions to ask when choosing a tablet for your business needs.

In this webinar, PTI  Technology Working Group Co-Chairs Dan Vaché & Todd Baggett discuss PTI updates and advancements in 2013.

Learn about key PTI compliance requirements, learn what solutions are available, and get all of your traceability questions answered by the experts.

Having the ability to trace product within your own four walls is not the same thing as being PTI compliant. In this webinar, learn why internal traceability is not enough and review the requirements for true PTI compliance.

What role does the distributor – as both a buyer and a seller of goods – play in the PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative), and how might their processes need to be updated?

Learn how to utilize the framework of the PTI to gain benefits related to supply chain and operational efficiency.

Learn about PTI from a retailer's perspective with special guest speaker Teri Miller, Produce Category Manager at Food Lion.  She addresses each of the seven milestones of PTI compliance and shares Food Lion's views on PTI implementation.

Learn about PTI print quality requirements, how it is measured, variables affecting direct print barcode quality, and best practices for direct printing PTI barcodes.  Guest speaker James Chronowski from GS1 US and RedLine's Todd Baggett also share further industry resources for understanding barcode print quality.

Learn about PTI guidance for the ASN, what ASNs are and why they matter, where within the ASN to indicate key information,  how the ASN is used on hybrid pallet tags, and how the buying community may use ASNs.

Learn about product substitution process flows including internal and external GTIN substitution, substitutions with and without prior agreement, and documenting substitutions to avoid payment delay. The webinar also addresses cross-docking in load only services, consolidated shipment points, and hybrid pallet tags when pallet contents change.

Learn about changes made to case labeling best practices, the goals of best practices for case labeling, physical changes in the case labeling layout, suggested placement of case labels, barcode specifications including print quality standards, and verification.

Learn about GTIN assignment and administration, maintaining source lot information, matching products to GTINs in a multi-product pack line, methods of applying case information, and case labeling vs. traceability.

Learn about what GS1 is and is not. Where did GS1 standards come from and what is their purpose? What is GS1's role in PTI? Why are the standards important to PTI compliance and what is their relevance to a member of the supply chain? 

Learn about both case and pallet labeling updates.  Review the goals in creating best practices for case labeling, understand the role of the hybrid pallet tag, see the physical changes to bothl layouts, and learn about suggested placement.

Learn about the steps needed to comply with the seven PTI Milestones, the tools you will need for compliance, how you can extend these tools to your grower, packer, and cooler partners, and how you can use PTI information to improve internal operations.

The Food Safety Modernization Act became law on Tuesday 1/6/2011 when President Obama officially signed this legislation. In this presentation, Dan Vaché talks about what the new law means from a United Fresh perspective, what food products are affected, how this law will affect fresh produce companies, and what we expect to see in 2011 on PTI.


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