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Wireless Site Surveys & Installation

Why Wireless?

Produce operations move fast; your mobile devices need a real-time wireless connection to keep up. Wireless allows you to get updates, validate your actions, and eliminate delays or errors when conditions change.

Site Surveys

A site survey from RedLine Solutions provides you with essential information and a roadmap for your wireless installation. Our certified systems engineers determine the optimal wireless network setup and coverage for your facility. We then provide you with a written report that includes a wireless coverage guarantee.

This report is the blueprint to your successful deployment. It details the number and placement of AP's and antennas, identifies specific network requirements, and details wiring and electrical requirements.


RedLine Solutions provides reliable, accurate installations of your wireless network. Using the detailed site survey report, we physically install system components according to customized specifications and make suggestions to ensure best performance.

After installation, we run coverage and operational tests to ensure reliability, and provide your team with full documentation to support your new system.

If your system includes printer applicators, RedLine will configure and install them to work seamlessly with your packing lines.

Ongoing Support

Whenever you want to extend the coverage of your wireless network, or if you need help troubleshooting the network's connectivity or coverage, RedLine Solutions' systems engineers are available to work with you to resolve any issues.


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